What is Humanised Marketing?

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Marketing changes all of the time and it’s important as your business grows that you remember to keep current and ahead of your competitors.

What is in this article?

  1. Introduction to Humanised Marketing
  2. How to start humanising your brand
  3. Key principles of Humanised Marketing
  4. How to optimise your brand to be more human (HMO)
  5. Why we believe Humanised Marketing is everything

Introduction to Humanised Marketing

The term Humanised (or Humanized) Marketing has been floating around for the past few years but we’ve noticed a huge shift more recently on the importance for many businesses.

Humanised Marketing means that you optimise your business and your marketing to ultimately be more human. You become a storyteller through your own brand.

Many brands have forgotten how to be entirely customer-focused.

How to start humanising your brand

When you are considering your marketing plan for the coming year, be sure to include some Humanised Marketing techniques. You will find that by humanising your brand, your customers will be more engaged.

To start the process of being more human, outline your current marketing efforts into a document. Write down which elements are manual, which are automated and which marketing touchpoints involve human interaction. Run a brand workshop with your team and see how they feel about your brand.

You need to learn how your business can become a standalone brand. Once you do this it will be far easier to position your marketing to be more humanised.

What are the key principles of Humanised Marketing?

I’ll keep this really simple.

  • Be more human with every touchpoint in your marketing
  • Improve your customer experience at every point
  • Create a human to human relationship with your brand and your customers
  • Make people the focus of everything you do

How to optimise your brand to be more human (HMO)

Humanised Marketing Optimisation (HMO) is not rocket science but it does take time. You need to ensure that by starting your optimisation journey that your team are aligned with the values you create and each piece of your marketing works together seamlessly.

Here are my top tips on HMO:

  • Create a new set of values focused on people
  • Create a storytelling campaign through social media
  • Ban all stock photos and invest in new lifestyle photos of your team
  • Personalise every touchpoint with every customer
  • Run regular internal ENPS surveys with your team
  • Inject a sense of humour into your social calendar
  • Bring out your personality in your brand
  • Create a personal social strategy with long-form posts
  • Allow your team to become advocates of your brand
  • Create a brand that your customers become ambassadors
  • Open up your vulnerabilities on social media
  • Create real value for your posts by writing genuine content that resonates with people

Why we believe Humanised Marketing is everything.

It is ever more common that marketing is becoming automated. Brands have got lazy. Gone are the days where we build human relationships with people in business.

Injecting Humanised values into your business and your brand has so many benefits. It will help you grow your business through ultra-personalisation and the long term benefits are hard to ignore.

People buy from people, after all.

We’re the creators of the UK Humanised Marketing Framework. If you would like advice on how you can humanise your brand, please do get in touch. We also host The Humanised Marketing Podcast, available now on Spotify, Apple Podcasts and all other major podcast platforms.

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