What is conversational marketing and how does it affect your business?

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Unless you have been living under a rock, you have more than likely heard the term Conversational Marketing knocking around. It first started circulating in late 2017 but over the last few months has shot to the forefront of digital marketing strategies.

So, What is Conversational Marketing?

Conversational Marketing was a term coined by David Cancel from Drift, to put a name on what they were trying to achieve with their business and to revolutionise the way we talk to our consumers.

Many businesses, including us, use Drift as their live chat service on their website – which you can see in the bottom right of this screen.

The idea is to strip back what we know marketing as and push it in a new direction, however rather than being a new direction its actually just going back to a much simpler time, where one-to-one communication was at the forefront of all marketing.

Why should I do conversational marketing?

The why is probably the most simple part, as times are changing and consumers are far more fast paced with what they want and how they want it, our marketing strategies have been trying to keep up with this demand. No longer are the tedious long contact forms, where a representative will call you in 3-5 days and tries to sell you the thing you were semi-interested in a week ago. That just doesn’t work. Businesses have been flowing with the times and introducing new ways of contact, such as Drifts Live Chat, Slack, Facebook messenger, Whatsapp etc. Instant messaging is a fantastic tool for filtering out leads and engaging the customer in real time, while they are actually interested.

This whole instant access idea is taking a step in the right direction, by allowing the customer to take control of the communication when they want it. Not when you have scheduled the follow-up call in at 14:00 Tuesday afternoon but when they want to speak to you, when they are available, for as long as suits them. This further enforces the idea of the one-to-one, customer-focused approach which will reinvent the way we communicate, sell and market.

What now?

So, this all sounds great. One-to-one. Customer focussed. Better communication. Perfect…. But, one thing, how do you actually implement it?

The idea is to be available for customers when they want, on demand 24/7 (probably more if it was possible). Now, we know that no one is realistically going to work 24-hour shifts just to make sure they are on live chat. One of the advantages of many modern live chat systems, are the bots that can be used. They can be set up to answer or ask generic questions to gauge whether the customer is a potential lead and give them accurate, instant responses as and when they want them.

If you were talking to your friend you wouldn’t expect to keep having to repeat your name or personal details – that’s the point of the personal conversational approach, to make customers feel like they are getting a true one-to-one experience.

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