Google Algorithm Update: May 2020

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Google Broad Core Algorithm Update: May 2020

The world may be slowing down, but Google is moving forward… with another broad core Google algorithm update.

The Next Broad Core Google algorithm update: May 2020.

We are now in the midst of Google rolling out another major core update, @searchliasion released this statement on twitter March 4th, 2020:

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Previous Core Update, January 2020:

The last core Google algorithm update was in January 2020. This impacted many of us in the SEO community with either a lovely increase, or not so happy decrease in rankings.

Whenever Google updates its search ranking algorithm, your websites organic searches may be affected for better or for worse. Google webmaster provides some great advice on what to do if you have been negatively impacted.

If your rankings are at the top of the league, but you find this next algorithm negatively impacts them, then how do you fix something that’s not broken?

In past, Google has suggested we do nothing about it and wait to see if the damage is just short term. Leaving many of us waiting out this terrible guessing game.

Turns out Google has the right idea. After a few short weeks of the January 2020 core update, some negative hits on our own organic rankings did return back to ‘normal’.

What’s the reason behind core updates?

Broad core updates are released to produce noticeable effects across organic search results across all countries and different languages.

Let’s not forget all the content published post-Jan 2020 update. All of this new content has to be assessed against the previous content (which will be reassessed).

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