Part 1: Design Trends 2019

Branding General Marketing Reading Time: 2 minutes

As we enter 2019 we are seeing new design trends emerging and older design trends evolving.

Boxed Websites

Over the last year there has been an increase in websites that defy the “full width” rule, instead, they have adopted a narrower style and focused the users view to the centre of the page. This type of design lends itself more towards e-commerce websites as it’s been built with the intention of using promotional panels and a focus on products. Take a look at how this is achieved in one of our e-commerce designs,

Breaking the Boundaries

A fundamental rule of design is following a grid layout, it provides structure and ensures consistency across the website. Recently however designers have been breaking boundaries and creating more free-flowing, asymmetrical concepts. This style lends itself towards more creative industries or business that want to set themselves apart from their competitors. Take a look at to see how it’s done.

Creative Typography

Clean, legible and user-focused typography still rules but a resurgence of creative type is providing websites with a new lease of life. It not only creates a playful experience but it’s also more personable, designers use this to their advantage by implementing it across CTA’s, headings and other important elements.

Fluid Gradients

Gradients were huge in 2018, in both logo and web design however this year it’s going one step further. On websites, fluid gradients will take advantage of their ability to be animated, on branding they will be used to enhance and modernise logos. Instead of a block background a fluid gradient creates movement and paired with a white logo can make your brand feel fresh and contemporary.

Fluid Gradient

Keep an eye out for our digital design trends 2019 part 2 to see what else we expect to see this year.

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