4 Ways to Connect with your Audience

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People buy from people, no matter what they are looking for.

They want to trust the company and the people behind what they are buying. The best way to establish this trust is by building a connection with your audience.

Here are a few simple tips that will help you to create more personal connections with your audience:

Respond ASAP.

Whilst you were probably expecting more tips that include how to write more engaging adverts and social posts, one of the biggest things you can do to better connect with your audience is to respond quicker.

Typically people would agree that around 24 hours is an acceptable time frame to respond to someone. But how many times have you had to wait and wait and wait for even a simple yes or no answer?

Research by The Harvard Business Review suggests that nearly a quarter of businesses never respond to leads or enquiries at all. (Bear in mind this was completed in 2011 and the world has only sped up!)

Want to increase leads and connect with your audience better? Get back to them quicker.

Include Customers in Creating Content They Want To Read.

Aha! Here is the section about creating better content!

So you’ve tried creating content that has lists, top 5s or a few tips that your customers can action themselves. Brilliant. But the response was poor?

Did you ever think of asking your customers what they would like to read or learn?

As simple as it may sound, asking your clients and online audience what they would like to hear will help you create content that will directly answer their questions and create more of a community around your content.

Still looking for tips on writing better content? Look no further!

Meet your audience offline.

One of the best ways to create genuine authentic connections with your audience is to meet them.  If you have a good social or email following, reach out to them and suggest a meet up in their local area or at your own office.

Something as simple as offering to sit down and have a chat with your clients can really help to develop your relationship and solidify future business opportunities.

Personalise your company blog

People love people. Quite a simple concept right?

Yet most businesses still churn out nameless and faceless content every month.

When the main purpose of the company blog is to provide insightful, interesting and helpful articles that give your readers information that will help them to make a decision about your product/service why wouldn’t you do everything possible to keep them engaged and create a connection?

Take a look at our website, each of our articles is written by our team of specialists. You can easily see who wrote it, a picture of them and even learn a little bit about them!

So to sum up…

To create genuine and personal connections with your audience, you need to do business on your customer’s terms.

If you create content they want to read/see, meet with them in person and respond to them in a timely fashion, you will be well on your way to having the personable connections you want to have with your audience.

Got other ways you like to connect with your audience? Leave a comment below and let us know!

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