What are the most common Facebook Ad mistakes?

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Running a campaign using Facebook Ads can be a superb way to reach new potential customers. If it is setup and managed correctly, it can be extremely cost effective and rewarding. If though, it’s setup poorly, you can waste budget, reach the wrong audience which will ruin your conversions and ROI. Below we’ve outlined some of the key things to look at when setting up a Facebook campaign.


Segmentation is one of the great secrets of Facebook Ads and therefore deserves special attention on our part. Take special care with the following intensities:

  • Do not try to reach everyone

When you begin to specify the criteria to promote your campaign, Facebook tells you how many people you will reach. Be sure to avoid too wide or too narrow targets, always consider your budget and the number of people you really want to reach.

  • Different markets

If you want to promote the same campaign for different countries, start thinking about multi-segment campaigns. Remember that each country has a culture, language and customs.

  • Finding your audience shares your interests

Okay, you have the campaign ready and you’re crazy to promote it on the “Face” thinking that everyone loves your brand. Beware, your consumers do not always share your interests. Market surveys can help you better understand your audience and what they really want. Also, how about targeting ads to an audience that can potentially buy your product? Try it.

  • Non-Targeted Database

A good campaign succeeds only if it is well segmented, right? So, do not even think about including contacts from a huge list of emails with no targeting criteria, as it just does not work.

  • Age

Target your audience by age group. The 16-year-old consumer, for example, does not want to get something targeted at a 30-year-old. They think differently and behave differently.


The budget within the framework of Facebook Ads campaigns is another key point, after all, one of the cat’s leaps in this tool, as in other digital marketing channels is precisely figuring out how to increase the ROI – Return of Investment campaigns. Check out the tips below in this area:

  • Very low budget

Running a campaign with a tiny budget will lower its effectiveness. There is a tipping point and an optimum spend which will differ, depending on your industry. Use a large budget to promote a targeted campaign for a few hours or a few days until you reach your goal.

  • Campaign duration

It is always recommended that you apply a large budget in a short-term campaign, and do not bet on something big, that lasts several days. Try something smaller, with high budget and monitor performance. Remember: You can pause or stop your campaign if something does not work out. Do not waste money or time.

The creativeness of Advertising

Another common mistake on Facebook Ads is to find that for the simple fact that you publish an ad it will convert. Forget it! In such a competitive environment as Facebook, it is increasingly difficult to stand out, and the only way to be able to win this challenge is to be creative. Check out some tips:

  • Use your logo

Ok, your campaign is starting to take shape and you want to illustrate it. Hence you have the idea to use the logo of your company. However, nobody but your employees and you know this image so well. Well, repent the image that will illustrate your Ad, it needs to be concise and showcasing your brand.

  • Image that disrupts your ad

An image that overwhelms your ad can end your campaign. Remember that the size (100 x 72 pixels) is small and something big can make the campaign unreadable, besides annoying the surfer.

  • Do not impress the audience

Remember, your audience will only have a few seconds to observe your content and it is not always guaranteed that the ad will be loved by all. You need to catch the audience first with the most attractive content.

  • Do not follow the rules of image use

Think of this example: your client decides to put the lewd content photo to draw attention to your company. Facebook has strict rules on what can be published and what can’t. For example, if you run an ad campaign with text overlaying an image, the text cannot take up more than 20% of the surface area of the image.

  • Misleading the audience

Being too cliever with your Ad can catch the eye of the Internet user to click on the Advertisement, but it also hurts the policy for Facebook advertisers. Do not fool your audience, in addition to losing points with it, you may also suffer punishment from Facebook itself.

If this all sounds great to you, but you just don’t get time to do all of this efficiently, why not speak to a member of the Damteq team. We’ll be happy to help and advise on all of your Facebook Ad campaigns.

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