5 Brilliantly Inspirational Design Picks! (1st November)

This week our Web and Marketing Assistant shares his favourite design picks including Gifpop, Banksy’s latest venture, tiny pencil sculptures, wooden rugs and colour revealing Converse…

1. Gifpop! [ view ]

Gifpop! is a Kickstarter project which has already passed its goal of $5,000 (currently at an amazing $26,000!) which will allow you to recreate the look of the internet’s favourite picture format, the animated GIF. The user will be able to convert 10 frames of a GIF animation into a physical product, that uses a hologram to give off the look of movement!

2. Banksy [ view ]

Banksy has been in the news a lot recently, for ‘Better Out Than In’, a showcase that’s going on in New York at the moment, with a lot of new work being put out on a regular basis throughout October. Whether you agree with Banksy’s ethos or not, it’s hard to say that he hasn’t made a name for himself as a modern artist in recent years.

3. Tiny Pencil Sculptures [ view ]

Washington-based artist Diem Chau has created miniature animal, insect and plant sculptures out of the led on pencils. Some incredible attention to detail is present here, the patience needed for this must be unbelievable though! Chau describes her work as ‘delicate vignettes of fleeting memory, gesture and form’.

4. Wooden Rug [ view ]

These wooden rugs by German designer Elisa Strozyk have been created to fold just like a fluid material, creating an interesting and abstract furnishing!

5.  MMM x Converse Collection [ view ]

A really cool concept for shoes; your Converse start off white, and as you scratch them, or as they get worn over time, the true colour (black, red, navy blue or yellow) is revealed!

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Adam Smith
Adam founded Damteq back in 2006 and has been growing the company year on year ever since. Adam's expertise includes Design, Development, SEO, Marketing as well as Management, Strategic Planning and Business Growth. In his spare time, he loves playing snooker and looking after his young family.

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