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Content is important but a solid technical foundation is key to the success of Search Engine Optimisation campaigns.

A high Google ranking isn’t something you can buy, it’s something you need to spend time and effort earning. SEO is part of everything digital we do at Damteq®,  from website design through to marketing and content writing, our aim is to help our clients achieve the best results from search.

To really achieve the best rankings on Google, you need people with the experience and knowledge to ensure your website ranks well. You also need to allow time for this to happen. SEO isn’t an overnight fix for your website. You need to be regularly optimising your website for search engines in order to get your website ranking for the terms your audience are searching.

You can’t buy a high Google ranking.
You need to invest in a regular SEO strategy.

Our SEO Expertise

  • SEO Audits

    No rational agency will start an SEO campaign without an audit. SEO audits are very useful, providing important insights that will impact the success of your website rankings. We put all of our findings into a simple and easy-to-understand report, letting you know exactly what is going wrong with your website and how we can fix it.

  • Technical SEO

    By focusing on everything from the structure of your website content to the loading speed, code size and optimisation of images, we can give your website the best chance to rank in search engine results.

  • Keyword Strategy

    Keywords are at the foundation of any SEO campaign. We research and understand exactly what your audience is searching for so that we can target and reach them when it matters. With the introduction of voice search algorithms and customised user search results, we ensure we understand the different ways that users may be searching and optimise your keyword strategy accordingly.

  • Content Strategy

    For your SEO campaigns to be truly successful you need to offer your visitors useful and insightful information when they arrive on your website. We create content strategies with specific, targeted goals in mind. Content that offers real value to your audience, increases brand engagement and improves online visibility.

  • Mobile SEO

    Mobile search has quickly become the most popular way for people to browse the internet, and with Mobile Optimisation being a bonafide Google ranking factor, you need mobile SEO more than ever. Through carefully and cleverly devised SEO strategies, we can ensure that you are found by your customers on mobile.

  • Local SEO

    Wherever you’re based, you need to be found in search engines, especially by people who are searching for products and services in your area. We can focus on optimising your website to appear locally to help boost traffic and conversions from people local to you.

Working with us

Our first step is to perform a Technical SEO audit on your website. The report will give us some great information about your website including what is working well, but more importantly, what may need improving. Once we have a picture of what needs improving on your website, we start looking into your competitors and audience. This helps us to get a broader picture of your sector and tells us what your ideal customers are searching for and how we can help them find you.

With the research and planning complete we move on to the technical optimisation of your entire website. Looking at everything from the quality of your content to the loading time and images you use on your website. We will fine-tune your website to achieve your goals with search.


We start by auditing your website and current SEO strategies identifying the areas of focus needed to improve your website.

Keyword Planning

To implement a solid SEO strategy, we research the keywords most relevant to your target audience.

Research & Strategy

Once we’ve completed the audit, we research your target audience, your industry and the best way to improve your position in search results.


From here we start implementing the SEO strategy and improving the user experience of your website.

Analysis & Reporting

When we reach the end of each month we analyse the results, looking at changes in user behaviour and your search engine rankings. From this we put together actions for the next month.

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