Marketing campaign weekly round-up: Halloween Special

Here’s our favourite Halloween themed ads and campaign for your disposal – make sure the lights are on…

Oral B and Crest ‘Halloween Treats Go Wrong’ <view>

This is a great advert, purely for the kid’s reactions than for anything else. We all know kids aren’t going to eat healthy alternatives at Halloween so Oral B and Crest have played on that by indirectly presenting the solution to the more indulgent option of sweets and candy –  with good toothpaste and flossing! By presenting a preventative scenario that’s not going to be well received, Oral-B and Crest has cleverly reinforced the essential need for toothpaste at this time of year.

Benjamin Moore ‘Scariest Job in the World’ <view>

Halloween presents a wealth of opportunities to showcase your product/service in a new light and that is exactly what Benjamin Moore paint has done in this new prank video.

Mini ‘Ahhhhh’ <view>

Scared of zombies? A chainsaw wielding mad man? No? Well how about a crowd of zombie pageant tweens? Well that’s the case in the latest Mini ad, a really humorous spin on the classic Halloween scaremongers.

Tulleys ‘Halloween Shocktober Fest Zombie Girl’ <view>


Complaints have been made about the ‘scariness’ of the zombie girl featuring on bus adverts appearing in South London. The Advertising Standards Authority have confirmed they have received complaints about the image and have yet to make the decision of whether to remove the ads from buses. The story, covered by national press is sure to generate even more interest in the event at Tulleys Farm. All publicity is good publicity in this case! ‘Haunted Hotels’ <view>

I can safely say the ads featured above aren’t really that scary, but this one certainly gave me goosebumps. But if you’re into haunted hotels, you’ll love it, take a look for yourself!

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