Marketing Campaign Round Up – 25th November

This week, we showcase our top 3 favourite marketing campaigns that we’ve recently caught on to, including the world’s first 24 hour music video!

1. GoldieBlox

This cute and empowering viral video for GoldieBlox, a toy manufacturer whose products help to teach young girls about engineering and inventiveness has amassed over 8,000,000 views in just over a week! Accompanied to a rewritten version of the Beastie Boys song, ‘Girls’, the girls in the advert start off bored watching TV, they then use a Rube Goldberg machine that looks like it was set up by the three girls in the ad using their old toys, to switch it off – a brilliant watch!

2. ‘Happy’ 24 Hour Music Video

Pharrell Williams’ latest interactive website music video serves as excellent marketing for his song, as the world’s first 24 hour music video that shows 360 different clips of happy people singing and dancing around to ‘Happy’. The video starts at whatever point the time is on your computer’s clock and does a 24 hour cycle, which is going to make this four minute song very popular!

3. Channel 4’s Mating Season

This excellent CGI advert for Channel 4’s Mating Season series of programmes shows Arthur the Tortoise go on an emotional journey to find love, and through his eyes, dating has become a lot more complex in the 21st century. The humour in this advert works perfectly and reminds us of the types of things that we get up to on the hunt for a partner.

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Adam Smith
Adam founded Damteq back in 2006 and has been growing the company year on year ever since. Adam's expertise includes Design, Development, SEO, Marketing as well as Management, Strategic Planning and Business Growth. In his spare time, he loves playing snooker and looking after his young family.

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