Firefox OS Heats Up The Smartphone Competition


Android, Apple and Microsoft have been the main leaders in smartphone OS, but now Mozilla, the not-for-profit organisation and creators of Firefox, have joined in! Whilst intended for mobile devices, the technology will also work on tablets and smart TVs, similar to Android.

Currently still under development, the OS is built entirely on open web technologies; this means that developers can build apps for Firefox OS, just like they would for the web! Whilst the technology was first demonstrated back in 2012, the project is beginning to pick up pace and a following of eager developers.

The home screen for Firefox OS 1.5

The home screen for Firefox OS 1.5

Similarities between Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android OS are sure to be compared, but with a focus on unique features, such as the adaptive app search which will find exactly what you want and more, Firefox’s OS is shaping up to be a potential game changer.

Whether or not the OS is a success or not is yet to be seen, but they’ve definitely laid down the foundations for something very interesting. Find out more on the launch website, or check out the video below for an idea of how the OS looks and handles!

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