Campaign Round-up: 28.3.14

Here are some of our favourite ad campaigns that we have seen over the last month to help inspire fellow marketers in future campaigns.

DHL is faster prank

DHL is faster

This was a risky idea from DHL but also very funny and brilliant. Using a temperature sensitive coating which disguised a package as black, DHL managed to get their competitors, including UPS and TNT to advertise for them and carry a very large package saying ‘DHL is faster’. As the package warmed up the phrase and bright yellow brand colour appeared. I’m sure they were all a bit annoyed but we think it was a brave and cleaver idea that had us laughing.

Take out: It sometimes pays off to be bold when pitching hard against the competition as long as its executed in a humorous and not damaging way. We are sure that even the competitors had a bit of a laugh at this, as did the people passing by.

Dear Future Mom – World Down Syndrome Day

Dear Mom

A mother about to have a baby with down syndrome got a very special and heartfelt message from 15 people with down syndrome and their mothers. On World Down Syndrome Day this video was released to help comfort the mother and say that everything will be ok. It is a very touching video and a great way to publicise such an important topic.

Take out: By addressing the fears and worries direct from the child to an expectant mother, it breaks the taboos often associated with the condition, making for an engaging video that draws awareness to not only the condition but also the parents affected.


Pepsi Max – Unbelievable Bus Shelter

Pepsi Max
Ever seen a UFO or tiger running down the street whilst waiting for your bus? No? Well if you happened to be at the Pepsi Max bus shelter you would have. Using great interactive technology Pepsi managed to make the unbelievable happen.

Take out: Interactive media has really come into its own over the last few years and we are starting to see a lot more of it within marketing and advertising. The shock factor still prevails as the most engaging tactic when using interaction within advertising, even if it has nothing to do with the product itself as seen here with Pepsi. It’s the brand association that counts here.


Apolosophy – Subway billboard digital stunt

Another interactive campaign we have seen lately was at a Swedish subway station. A billboard was rigged with super sensitive sensors that meant that when the train entered the station the woman’s hair in the billboard got blown around as if she was actually stood there on the platform.

Take out: A more subtle interactive approach was used by Apolosophy whereby the advertisement reacted to its environment rather than letting the viewers interact as seen in the Pepsi ad. The unexpected element of the visual was the key engaging factor here that works to great effect.


ATM Cupcake dispenser

Cupcake ATM

If you love cupcakes then you’ll love this. A 24 hour cupcake ATM has opened up. Sadly this is in New York but wow, what a tasty idea. I wonder how big the queue was?

Take out: By taking the cupcake out of context and into an ATM machine, this gives a popular but not new product, such as the cupcake, fresh appeal. This is a prime example of the packaging and presentation of the product doing the work, rather than the product itself.  Other examples of this include the Coca Cola ‘happiness vending machine’ campaign and gold bar vending machines in Dubai; the possibilities for similar ideas are endless. advert


You might think the idea of a printing factory like Moo to be a boring place, but this advert makes it all seem much more interesting. By creating a fun machine that shows the intricate detailed process  of creating a quality business card, Moo have managed to engage with their customers successfully.

Take out: By glamorising the print process and the effort that goes into making such a seemingly ‘simple’ product, much like the Babybel ‘tiny factory’ campaign, it gives the product a bigger sense of importance and makes viewers think twice about the significance of this product.

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