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eCommerce companies need SEO and PPC to grow. Our PPC and SEO Specialists are experts in helping you become more successful at Organic Search and Paid Advertising. We're also a Google Partner Agency. We can manage your whole marketing strategy for a single monthly fee.

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Within just 6 weeks we can improve your website performance and site score by over 30%. On average, our PPC Specialists improve campaign efficiency of both Google Ads and Bing Ads accounts by over 35% in just 8 weeks. This means more engagement and better conversions for our clients. 

Keyword & Content Strategy

Ensuring your website has a clearly defined Keyword and Content Structure is essential to any successful campaign. The first thing we look at when we work with on a new campaign is your target keywords.

As a leading eCommerce Specialist SEO & PPC Agency in Hampshire, we’ll build you a bulletproof strategy to ensure your site will be in the optimum position to rank well in search results across the UK. We’ll perform monthly keyword checks to ensure we’re targetting the right quality traffic.

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Position Tracking

Every element of our SEO & PPC is monitored, strategically planned and managed carefully, using the latest white-hat techniques. We use the best industry-recognised software to ensure we are running the best strategy possible.

We don’t just monitor your website. Our specialists constantly monitor your competitor’s sites, keyword positioning and Google listings to stay ahead wherever possible.

Website SEO Audits

As every eCommerce business is different, if an SEO campaign is going to be successful it needs to be regularly audited and managed. Before we start any project, we complete a 200 point check on your website to ensure it has the best possible chance of accelerating through search results. We then put our action list together.

We perform our site-wide audits monthly, monitoring everything from site speed, META details, and backlinks, to competitor analysis, CTA placement and conversion rate.

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Google Ads & Bing Advertising

Google and Bing Ad campaigns offer a superb platform to drive relevant traffic to your website and landing pages. Our PPC Specialists work diligently towards exceeding goals, KPI’s and targets that provide growth and scale. Our simple campaign management process ensures your campaign stays efficient and our flexible, ongoing management fees provide you a steady way of managing your paid marketing accounts whilst staying completely agile at all times.

We’re a process-driven PPC management agency, working with multiple PPC best practice principles and disciplines. Our meticulous management process and clear communication offer deep integration with Ecommerce synchronisation, human and automatic bid management systems, and experience in conversion rate optimisation.

Facebook Advertising

Social Media is one of the most useful tools that you can use to connect to the people that mean most to your business. With Facebook Advertising, you have the opportunity to carefully focus on and reach your core target audience.

We can research and put together targeted plans for Facebook advertising campaigns, which align with your larger marketing and business goals.

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LinkedIn Advertising

LinkedIn Sponsored Posts & Ads

Selling B2B? LinkedIn is a great platform for reaching your ideal target audience with strategic content and adverts for all stages of the customer journey.

With a level of detailed targeting options available we can strategically build campaigns to target key decision makers to maximise the potential of your campaigns. Targeting decision makers directly help them buy into your products and services to lead you to better conversions.

Remarketing Campaigns

Remarketing is a great way of connecting with visitors to your website who may not have made an immediate purchase or enquiry.

We can plan and position targeted ads in front of a defined audience of people who have previously visited your website or have shown a keen interest in what you are selling.

Paid Remarketing Campaigns


  • How do you set a PPC Budget?

    Our Marketing Specialists will work with you to define an appropriate level of spend for your PPC campaigns. We use existing data as well as industry metrics to estimate a budget that will drive the targeted traffic you need to achieve your goals.

  • How do the payments for PPC campaigns work?

    We charge a simple monthly fee for setting up and managing your campaigns. We don’t take a percentage of your advertising budget. Any spend you allocate will be paid directly to the advertising platform (Google, Facebook LinkedIn etc…)

  • Can I change my PPC campaign spend at any time?

    Simply put yes! Whilst we are here to advise on the right budget for your campaign, we understand that you may from time to time want to reallocate your paid spend to other campaigns. If at any time you would like to increase or decrease you campaign budget, let us know and we will work with you to do this.

  • How long does SEO take?

    Determining how long SEO takes depends on your website and over 200 signals that Google check and monitor. In most cases, you should expect to see positive results within the first 3 months of running your long-term campaign.

Next Steps

Firstly schedule a call with one of our in-house Specialists.

We’ll invite you for a project discovery workshop, where we will learn all about your project and get to know you.

Once the planning is complete and the benchmarks are set, we’re ready to start your exciting project.