How to write quality articles for your website

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Creating a good article, that will attract viewers to your website, is seen as a skill by some and as a gift by others. Writing great articles is not as difficult as it seems, as long as you follow some methodology, irrespective of your experience or competence level. Most writers will be writing with the needs of their audience or readers in mind and this must always be seen as a non-negotiable.

Their are 3 very simple success keys that has helped many writers with getting their articles not only ranked high in the search engines, but also getting lots of clicks to the website links being marketed.

A – Put structure to your article- It is still baffling to see and read articles that looks as if a bulldozer drove through it, due to it being unstructured and incoherent. We were all taught in elementary school already, that our compositions must have an introduction, a body and a conclusion.
Article writing is no different, and by using the above format, it makes it so much easier for your readers to follow exactly what message you are trying to convey. It further assists to organize your thoughts in a rational manner, and lends a certain flow and professionalism to your writing.

B – Write for search engine optimisation (SEO) – It was previously stated that writing for your audience is a non-negotiable, and this is great. In addition however, there is nothing wrong with applying some specific search engine optimisation principles to your online based article content.
In this respect, you must give due regard for keywords, placement of keywords in your title, and keyword density. Also use associated keywords and “long-tailed keyword phrases” i.e. “brown tinted Siamese cat” is more specific for better exposure and ranking on the search engines.

C – Include a sizzling resource box- The purpose of your resource box is to include a link from where people can access additional information relating to your service or product. It is not meant to include a biography of you as a writer. Just make it brief, enticing, and preferably offer something for free. Have a clear call to action by including a hyperlinked text phrase stating “Click Here”.
By following and implementing all of the above three tips, you will be well on your way to creating a good article and getting people to respond to the offer that you are marketing. Article marketing is essentially about revenue generation through clearly articulating what your product is about, without misleading your readers.

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