Why Should You Consider Workspace Branding?

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internal-brandingWorkspace branding is the art of designing your property to reflect your company’s image; something you can either do yourselves or hire a design company to do. It’s a phenomenon that is on the rise, particularly amongst small businesses. Peter Ames from Office Genie looks at how it could benefit your business.

Create a First Impression

In difficult economic times it can really pay to stand out from the crowd. Would you want to work with a company that doesn’t seem to know what it’s all about itself? Office branding offers an opportunity to show clients and customers who you are as a brand before you say a single word. This little advantage could be all you need.

The same is also true to the impression you give to potential candidates. To many people, work’s no longer just about the paycheque at the end of the month. More and more people want to feel like they’re a valued part of a strong company culture. What better way to display company culture than in the very space you occupy?

Create a Working Culture

The improvements to a working environment can make a valuable difference. Through office branding you can give employees a space that is both a great environment in which to work and one which allows your employees to live and breathe your company culture.

If you’re taking the process on yourselves, speak to staff about how they see your brand. Not only will you gain a more rounded view of your company, this is a great way to boost engagement.

What if you want to keep costs down?

Employing a design agency to create a branded space may sound like an expensive process but in reality, simplicity is the key. As with anything, a little creative thinking goes a lot further than a pocket full of cash (although it’s always welcome!)

You may just start with a lick of paint and a quick furniture rearrangement, but why not invest in some professional logo design, blow it up and this can be transferred onto glass windows, desk partitions, coffee cups; even standardising computer desktop backgrounds and choosing paper trays and stationery which fit into your colour scheme.

If you have larger space to work with these ideas can be expanded dramatically into communal areas. Are you corporate? Black chairs, glass coffee tables. Chilled out and creative? Think interesting graphic artwork on the walls and whiteboards for doodling & brainstorms. Fun and quirky? Try bright coloured rugs, jokey décor even sweet dispensers or a foosball table. Just the choice between a daily newspaper, gossip column or business magazine sets an instant tone.

Boring offices have been proven to dampen productivity and inspirational thinking so even the slightest efforts can go a long way; whether it’s for the benefit of your in-house workers or capturing the attention of clients and competitors alike, make your daily work, a daily culture.


Peter Ames is contributing this article on behalf of www.officegenie.co.uk an office-search site in the UK

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