Why are my Google Reviews not working?

General Reading Time: < 1 minute

Have you recently noticed in the past couple of days that you can’t see new Google reviews when you get one?



As we all know it is effecting most things in our lives, including Google Reviews.

They will, of course, come back in due course but on 20th March Google reached out via social media to say they were suspending certain areas of their business to focus on mission and business-critical items.

Part of the temporary suspension includes:

  • Writing and Posting of Google Reviews
  • Edits to My Business Listings
  • Submission of new business listings
  • Answering and Submitting Q&A’s
  • Editing Business hours and listing information

Ultimately Google is run by people. Many of their team are looking after their families, self-isolating or working on more crucial systems.

We’ll update you once they start up again.

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