5 Hilarious Business April Fools’ Day Jokes in 2014

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With the rise of social media and the potential to go viral, it seems that all businesses are trying to grab a slice of the April Fools’ Day pie. From Google to Dyson, it doesn’t matter what you provide, as long as you’re able to trick the public and make them laugh!

So, here are five of our favourite April Fools’ pranks from big businesses!

1. Warburtons: The Loaf

Bread makers, Warburtons, are claiming to be building two skyscrapers in London either side of The Gherkin, essentially making a sandwich of the skyline.

2. Google Maps: Pokémon Challenge

For today only, the Google Maps app (genuinely) has 150 hidden Pokémon in a bid to find the world’s best Pokémon master and a new colleague (not so genuine).

3. Virgin Mobile Canada: SmartKicks

For just $299.99, you can supposedly buy a pair or Smart-lettos or SmartSneaks! That is until you try add them to your cart and get met with the inevitable ‘GOTCHA!’ – but with wearable tech taking off, chances are this won’t stay a joke for long!

4. Vegemite: Energy Drink

The Australian alternative to Marmite pulled a sneaky one and told their fans on Facebook that they were launching a new ‘Vegemite iDRINK 2.1 energy drink’ – the thought of it makes us feel a little sick, but it tricked a lot of people!

5. Domino’s: Edible Pizza Box

Carrying on with the food theme, Domino’s have teased us with the ‘Edibox’, this one isn’t even funny. We want this to happen now. Drool.

Which April Fools’ jokes caught you out this year?
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