How Much Damage Did The Biggest Computer Virus EVER Cause?! [Infographic]

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top-5-viruses-banner Viruses are something which every regular computer user knows about all too well, with most using some form of virus protection to defend themselves from attacks. These pieces of software have come far over the years, with a better list of exploits and malicious websites to protect users from. However, as this list from Norton explains, things weren’t always that way; in their infographic of the top 5 computer viruses of all time, which caused over $93 BILLION in damages. Find out which virus was the most devastatingly expensive and how it worked below: norton-virus-infographic (Source: Norton) So there you have it, the biggest computer virus ever, ‘My Doom’ spread in just 2 hours and caused 2,000,000 PCs to become infected, costing $38 billion! The attack may have been over 10 years ago, but there’s your reminder to keep yourself safe online! Install antivirus software, unless your fortunate enough to have a Mac!

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