Top 5 Recent Website Design Trends

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The internet has been evolving recently with many trends developing, and it’s safe to say, as technology has advanced our needs have too. We don’t want to just be provided with static information any more, if you really want to grab someone’s attention, this list of our top 5 favourite recent website design trends is a must read!

5. Retina Support

With retina displays slowly but surely entering the market, the push to include better fonts and images online is starting, it’ll help to reduce the strain on your eyes and images looks crisp and gorgeous too!

4. HTML5 Video Backgrounds

HTML5 has brought along a bunch of exciting new features so far, one of which is video backgrounds, helping to add extra visual interest to pages. Spotify’s video splash page is a perfect example of video backgrounds done right, creating a feel good emotion to go with the brand, which wouldn’t be the same if a standard static picture took its place.

3. Parallax Scrolling

As seen on the front page of our site, parallax scrolling is a brilliant way to make web pages feel more dynamic and interactive. Elements move past each other at different times as you scroll, creating the illusion that the web page is layered.

2. Responsive Layouts

With smartphones taking over and more and more people browsing the internet on the move, it’s important to remember your mobile customers! Websites can be coded to recognise when the browser changes to a specified size, which will then resize and change elements of the site, including easy to use navigation and one-column designs for improved readability on smaller screens.

1.  Flatter Design

After Microsoft’s ‘Metro’ user-interface, the whole world went crazy for flat design, no longer are gradients and photo-realistic textures the way forward, as proven by Apple’s decision to completely rework the visual look of iOS7. But it’s not just operating systems that are using flatter design, websites are adopting it too, creating a much more modern and easy to view internet!

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