Top 5 Inspirational Design Picks (4th October)

Top 5 Reading Time: 1 minute

1. Building Cap – Innovative Cheap Toy [ view ]

Winner of an IF Design Award this year, Building Cap has been designed with children in mind, creating a cheap and recyclable toy, similar to Lego. The Building Caps are just like any other bottle cap, however, slot them together or on top of each other and your kid’s imagination will run wild!

2. New Mac OS Concept – Edgar Rios [ view ]

This beautiful looking concept art for a new Mac OS has been created by Edgar Rios. Taking the features that make iOS7 so nice to look at, this concept uniforms Apple’s branding across all their products, and the result looks fantastic! Hopefully something like this will be released for the next Mac OS update!

3. Faaaaaaaaaat – Responsive CSS Cat [ view ]

This awesome project by Roxik allows you to stretch your web browser and a cat! Surprisingly addictive, this is a great interactive CSS experience!

4. StartUp Festival – Projection Mapping [ view ]

Projected onto the famous “Basilica Palladiana” building in Italy, the StartUp International Festival showcased a 3D video-mapping show and live-mapping in sync with famous DJs. The colourful lights, music and 3D manipulation of the building creates a visually awesome experience, although I’m sure being there would’ve been even better!

5. Box – Amazing Moving Projection Mapping [ view ]

The last video might have been good, but ‘Box’ is without a doubt one of the most creative videos of 2013 and has already been awarded a Vimeo Staff Pick. By using projection-mapping on moving surfaces, this video by Bot & Dolly will bend your mind as you try to work out what is and isn’t real.

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