Top 5 Inspirational Design Picks

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Welcome to the new weekly series presenting our top 5 picks of inspirational design from the digital world. This week our Web and Marketing Assistant, Matt Delicate  showcases his favourite elements of design from 5 trend-setting websites.

1. SumAll – About Us Page [ view ]

The ‘about us’ page found on company websites aren’t normally the most interesting, with the standard format usually being a line of text explaining who the company is.

SumAll’s about page changes things a bit and uses a simple, yet eye catching grid of looped animated GIF images to introduce each of their employees. The colour is restored to the image when the mouse hovers over with a brief description of who they are, helping to give the team a bit more personality!

2. yodabaz – Site Navigation [ view ]

Basile Tournier (aka yodabaz) created his 2008-2009 portfolio in Adobe Flash, which may now be considered dated due to the advancement of HTML5 in recent years, but unlike a lot of Flash based websites, his manages to stand out as something creative.

The main menu’s navigation system is laid on top of a blurred video, creating a dynamic depth of field. This, combined with a menu that reacts to the cursor’s movement makes Basile’s site an interesting experience.

3. Marmoset – UI [ view ]

Marmoset is a new service that helps you to discover songs that you’ve never heard before. While this in itself is a great selling point, the website itself is beautiful; smart typefaces, HTML5 video which scrolls with the page and gorgeous photography all combine to make Marmoset one of the most visually stimulating websites around at the moment.

4. Atlantis World’s Fair – Parallax Scrolling Infographic [ view ]

Designed by Frank Chimero, Atlantis World’s Fair is an online infographic that presents information through parallax scrolling, creating the illusion of someone taking a journey from sea level to Atlantis. This interactive way of displaying information makes the whole experience a lot more fun than reading a standard static infographic.

5. Spotify – Parallax Scrolling [ view ]

Yes, I realise I’ve already mentioned parallax scrolling, but Spotify have got it right.  By making the text move quicker than the photos in the background, it feels like it’s popping out of your browser and really draws your eyes to the selling points of the software.

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