Top 5 Inspirational Design Picks (10th October)

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It’s Friday! So to celebrate, our Marketing and Content Executive Heather Tuck has chosen her top 5 design picks inspiring her this week.

1. Goodwin & Goodwin [ view ]

This award winning E-commerce site, Goodwin and Goodwin (pictured above main) is a visual feast for the eyes. Yes I may be swayed by my personal love of signage and typography based home products, but when images are this good, who could argue! Take a close look and visit the site here.


2. PicLab [ view ]

Did I mention I love typography? Here is a great new app that allows you to turn photos into typographic images like a pro. View the app on iTunes here.

Image: iTunes

3. SVBSCRIPTION [ view ]

Luxury, curated subscription services are seeing a massive surge, and to support this boom, the design of the whole package has upped its game. SVBSCRIBTION use vintage inspired wooden slider boxes and tear strip envelopes, making the discovery of the products just as important as the product itself by adding value to the service experience as a whole. Click here to read more about the product and theme behind each delivery. To read more about the trend as a whole, click here.

Image: Creative Bloq

4. Versus x M.I.A campaign [ view ]

Have you seen the new Versus x M.I.A collection campaign? Some will love it, some will hate it but like it or not, web 1.0 GIFs are back and you can expect to see a lot more of them as part of a bigger trend for web 1.0 visuals set to come into the commercial landscape in 2014/15. I personally love this campaign and also admire the bootlegged bootleg inspiration for the collection, read more here on Style Bubble.

Image: Style Bubble.

5. Red Bull Illume Photography Contest [ view ]

I’ve seen quite a bit of ‘Wanderlust’ photography of late, noted as a key trend in all aspects of design and lifestyle for this half of 2013 but it’s the Red Bull Illume photo contest that has really caught my attention. Extreme sports are captured from the most exhilarating perspectives, making for some seriously engaging visuals that draw you into the extreme landscapes. Read more here.

Photography credit: Martin Lugger/Lucas-Gilman via Trendland

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