Top 3 Biggest Marketing Mistakes Made By Small Businesses

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Whilst it may feel like all those little things are soaking up your time, shaping out the core issues at the centre of your marketing campaign from the start could tip the weight hugely in your favour.

1. Having a Rubbish Website

Biggest Marketing Mistakees Made By Small Businesses

You can drive the traffic all the traffic you like, but what’s the point if everyone’s put off once they turn up? This should be your first priority. Your website is still one of your most essential marketing tools as that’s where your enquiry page lies. Scrap the crowded, fussy, intricate design and get back to basics. You don’t have time right? Neither do they.

They want simple and you want a sale.  Just to remind you, here’s how it should go:

Visitor pops up.

Sees instantly what they’re looking for. Sees how you can help them. Is pointed directly where they should go now to get it. All of a sudden there they are at the enquiry page. Sorted. Calls to action are your lifeline – as many links as possible pointing them in the direction of your contact page. There may be important information pages surrounding them but these are supplementary for those who want to read more around your services and who your are.

2. Not Having a Blog

Biggest Marketing Mistakees Made By Small Businesses

I know I know, blog this blog that *yawn* but think about it. Marketing is designed to pull visitors in right? But once they’ve been there, done that what is there to keep them returning? To the same old pages, to the same old services… Ok, ok there’s slight exaggeration here (your pages are hopefully more exciting that that!) but all I’m saying is that writing new content on new topics on a regular basis not only targets new potential visitors, but naturally creates new reasons for people to come looking…

You catch my drift. Start blogging.

3. Trying to Play a One Man Band

So you (or your employee) can write, you can sell, you can visualise, you can innovate; but can you do it all at the same time across every social media platform, your search engine strategies, your on site blog, your guest post initiatives, your press relations… the list goes on.

Biggest Marketing Mistakes by Small BusinessesIf one person tries to do everything, regardless of how fantastic they are at blasting through their to-do list, they will lack the time and energy to give wholeheartedly to one specific sector. One of the vital keys to marketing, in digital especially, is keeping up to speed with the latest developments, innovations and evolution.

Trends are moving in and out like lightning and unless you can set your focus specifically on one particular area, its near impossible to keep up with the turnover.

To deal with this effectively you essentially have two choices:

Either begin small and choose immediate realistic priorities, for example search engine optimisation, and scrap the rest until you have the means to gradually expand across the other bases properly.

Your second would be to separate out each responsibility to different people i.e. a social media manager, a content writer, an SEO worker; whether this be through each marketing sector or individual responsibility for full client projects, this way focus does not skip so dramatically between tasks to get it out of the way. Your employees can then swap short term tick lists for a long term investment of drumming down into the core of a brilliant campaign. Hurrah!

(b) Not being able to afford a two or three man band

Biggest Marketing Mistakes by Small BusinessesGranted all of the above brings in the problem of funding. The circular issue of money and quality of output is endless.  However don’t underestimate the use of freelancers, outside marketing companies & and those genuinely happy to offer their services for free in exchange for work experience and a great reference.

You are in no way taking advantage of free labour so long as they gain as much as they are giving in return via valuable experience. They must be equally valued for their time.

With so many competing desperately for oversubscribed internships at media hyped companies, in many cases you can actually offer far more value to their careers by providing a genuine opportunity to help a growing business. Give it a try!

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