The Basics of Building a Social Media Community

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How to start building a social media community:

Creating an online community around a brand’s social media platforms can be a daunting task for any brand. In this blog, we have provided the first steps you can take to build an online community and increase your engagement.

Have you ever asked yourself:

How is it possible to retain engagement over a long period of time?

Why am I getting little engagement?

How can I increase my momentum on my page?

If so, then this blog should answer some of your questions.

Here are five ways you can start building a community:

Reply to all direct messages

The power of direct messaging is often overlooked, it can be a great way to start being relationships with your audience. By replying to all the messages you receive your followers will get the impression that you’re both active and monitoring the platform for your customer’s needs.

Engage with your audience for at least 20 minutes-per-day

Daily engagement can often be seen as a chore when in-fact it should be a vital piece of your growth strategy. Going to your audience, rather then waiting for them to come to you, will increase your brand awareness and encourage them to visit your profile.

Listen to your audience

Posting content that your audience wants to see will encourage them to engage with the content you’re posting. You could also use platform tools to gather information on the topics they want to be covered within your content. – such as Instagram questions.

Replying to all comments

You can show every user who views your content that you are responsive to your audience and their needs.

Motivate your audience

Encourage your audience to share their views and ideas in response to your content. This will create more engagement for your profile and portrays that your brand takes an interest into your audience’s thoughts and opinions.

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