Target the right visitors to your website

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Are your marketing efforts bringing visitors to your site?

But are these visitors – targeted visitors? Targeted visitors come to your site with credit card in hand, ready to buy or signup in your network marketing business. But finding targeted visitors is one of the biggest obstacles today’s internet marketer faces.

To have the income you desire from your website, you must be willing to put forth the effort required to drive lots of traffic to your site. Not just any traffic – but targeted traffic that turn into buyers.

You may know the mechanics behind getting traffic to your site, but are your doing the things that you know how to do. Are you spending your time chasing around after this program and that program, trying to find an easier way or a short cut to the goal you are seeking.

I’m going to be totally honest–there are not short cuts. No program will do the work for you.

To get the results of the millionaire online earners, you must do what they do. Focus, Focus, Focus.

Below I have listed some marketing techniques and methods that will NOT give you the ROI you want/need to generate the income you desire. These strategies did not work for me, so hope this saves you some time and effort.

Buying leads
Buying Genealogy Lists
Blasting voice mail or email Co-op Advertising
Posting on Classified Sites

You probably have tried some of these, maybe all. Maybe you have had good results, congratulations.

But I will take the time to share with you some of the techniques and methods that have worked for my business.

Now How do you get Targeted Visitors to your site?

1. Write Articles – Articles with good information that is helpful, then submit the article to Article Directories

2. Post in Forums – Forums pertaining to your niche

3. Increase Search Engine Traffic – I use the Keyword Research Tool provided by Google

4. Build Your Email List – Use a good Autoresponder Tool to build your list

5. Viral Marketing – By far the most time consuming but also produces the most Targeted Visitors

Notice that the 5 ways I’ve listed are all about WRITING?

You may think you can’t write, and maybe that is true, but there are plenty of article writers that for a fee will write about any topic. Just search for article writers online.

If you are searching for articles about Network Marketing, PLR’s are the way to go. Take the article, spin it, and submit to as many article directories as you can…and then submit to some more. The more people that see your article, click on your links, visit your site, the more sales you will produce. More sales – More money.

Posting in forums can be a lot of fun, and you can glean a wealth of information from other online marketers. Always put a backlink to your site, this will also increase the search engine traffic to your site.

Always write your articles with SEO in mind. Write articles solving problems that you had when you first became an online marketer. If you had a problem, you can bet others are having the same problem. They are searching Google for answers and you want to be the one that has the answers they are searching for.

With every piece of content you publish on the internet, the ultimate goal should be to get the email address of your visitor. As you offer new products for sale, your email list will become your “pot of gold” at the end of your article rainbow.

Viral Marketing brings the most Targeted visitors to your site or information. You can find many sources and other articles about this subject. Knuckle down, get busy and do your homework on viral marketing.

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