The Importance of Social Media Marketing

General Reading Time: 2 minutes

In a time of ever-evolving technology, digital and social media marketing capabilities are allowing organisations to advance at an extraordinary pace.

We’re experiencing an odd time as the 21st century takes us from brick and mortar businesses to ones that only exist online. It’s something that we called Woolworths ‘crazy’ for but, it turns out they were right!

Although not all businesses have the ability to disappear from shop floors, a multitude of brands have implemented a strong digital marketing strategy to use the internet to their advantage.

Why Social Media Marketing?

The world of social media is extremely powerful due to its ridiculously high influencer levels and ability to reach billions of people around the world. Social media marketing is the cheapest yet most efficient marketing technique. As well as this, it’s so easy to target a specific demographic with just the click of a button.

Builds Credibility

Brand credibility is your businesses’ reputation and what you’re known for. For example, when you pick up a pack of your favourite Walkers cheese and onion crisps, you know what you’re paying for. They’re the elite. You’ll continue to buy them until proven otherwise.

Brand credibility is a key factor of forming customer loyalty. Social media marketing helps to develop a good online presence, so you’ll be more likely to attract customers as people can see your style of working, what you offer and reviews from previous jobs. 

Generates leads and new business

Businesses have adapted massively to suit the influencer generation. It has become so accessible for anyone to have anything with the right monthly payment.

Our impulses and urges exceed our rational mind but if it’s so easy to live beyond our means, why wouldn’t you?

Everything you have ever purchased has more than likely been seen on the internet, or from a friend, who saw it on the internet. This is because we like having the next best thing, we don’t like missing out on the latest trend.

I’m going to set you a challenge: scroll through your social media after you’ve read this blog. How many influencers do you see promoting a product/service and how many oddly specific ads do you see off the back of that?

Create brand awareness

Brand awareness can be so much fun, which is great because it’s a huge part of any successful business. It’s giving your customer something to recognise you by in a crowded marketplace.

A great example is getting the Check-a-Trade jingle stuck in your head all day, or remembering that funny eyebrow advert was from Cadbury all those years ago.

If you maintain a regular consistent theme, your brand awareness will slowly advance with your business and people, customer or not, will begin recognising you wherever they go.

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