Samsung’s Smart TVs Aren’t Smart, They’re Seriously Scary

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As you may have recently heard, a user on Reddit recently found a disturbing fact in the terms and conditions for his Samsung Smart TV. Whilst new technology should be exciting, we can’t help but feel like privacy in these products is slowly becoming harder and harder to govern.

The text on the left below shows the terms and conditions for Samsung’s Smart TV with built in voice detection, the mention of third parties being given access to what you say in front of your TV, even if encrypted is a little bit disturbing.


The text to the right is taken from a piece of writing in 1984 which would probably have been considered a crazy made-up fantasy at the time, but fast-forward 31 years and we’ve arrived at a point where nothing we say is private any more, and chances are this will only get worse as time goes on and technology develops.

We feel like this story may have been overblown, but one thing is for sure, Smart TVs may be a bit too smart for our liking. What do you think?