A Simple Way To Get All The Music You Want For FREE!

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Wikipedia currently lists over 40 different providers of on-demand music services, making it hard to choose which one to pay out for and even then, not all platforms will have the song you’re looking for.
That’s where Songdrop comes in, a free website that pulls songs from music services, such as YouTube, SoundCloud, Spotify and more! Search for the song that you want to hear and it’ll pull the results from all of those sites and allow you to add it to a playlist which you can listen to at any time.

Obviously, by taking a closer look at the image above, not all of the results are actually for ‘Disclosure’, some irrelevant videos get pulled in from YouTube too, but when a service is free and as easy to use as this one, no one’s complaining!

Songdrop makes up for it with its bookmarklet, which you drag to your bookmarks bar and click while on any supported website and it’ll ‘Redrop’ it into your playlist. Alternatively, you can download the Songdrop app which is intuitive and beautiful in aesthetics, making it possibly better than it’s bigger desktop version!

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