How can you make the most out of a shared office space?

Business Reading Time: 1 minute

Business not big enough to afford private office space? Fear not, this could actually bring you even more business. From creative website design agency Damteq’s experience, working in a shared office environment sure has its perks and here’s how to make the most of it…

There are many reasons why we enjoy working in a shared office building, the community spirit, the facilities, the affordable rent, but it’s the people and other business’ around us that’s most important.

There’s only one thing to remember when networking in shared office spaces – get chatting! Don’t let that person waiting by you at the water cooler walk off without so much as a smile and a hello. Find out which office they’re from and what job they have at the company. Follow this up and get chatting when you see them in shared lunch areas. They could be in a complementary industry of which you could work together with on projects. You may even be able to offer them your services directly or indirectly to their clients, share customer databases, hold joint networking events, the possibilities are endless.

But don’t keep it all business, all work and no play makes Damteq a dull company after all! Invites to after work drinks and a game of pool goes beyond just another business connection and can even secure long term business relationships. But even if you can’t work together in business, you can always borrow some coffee from a new friend! So go forth and connect shared office spacers and watch your business grow.

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