Could your school benefit from better branding?

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Every school needs to continuously build its reputation, however outdated websites and promotional material will deal a real blow to the school’s marketing efforts. You may not want to go as far as being ”down with the kids” however you still want to be appealing to prospective students, parents and outside investors. Although every school has different needs and targets, effective branding techniques for schools are still, in many ways universal. This article will quickly explore some of the strategies that schools can take advantage of and how you can put them into action

Create A Brief For Your School

The school’s management should begin by deciding what goals the school has set and what targets it wants to meet. How will you convince your audience if you’re not 100% yourself?

Some questions to ask yourself might be: Does your school want to appeal to the local market? Does it want to target international students? Do you want to focus on the quality of the education? Do you have new facilities on offer? By deciding upon the goals for your school you will be able to construct a brief which outlines the results you expect from your re-branding exercise. Branding will only be effective if you begin with a clear idea of the goals you wish to achieve.

Professionally Manage Your Branding

In a hectic school environment working through designs, image and marketing plans is the last thing you need adding to your to-do list. Asking for help in coordinating each aspect of your re-branding efforts will help keep the process smooth and organised, and a much clearer vision of how all the different parts will fit together. For example, you would require uniformity in the use of photography, logos, fonts and themes in your school’s brochures, websites and marketing materials such as personalised stationary, signs and pamphlets and a strategic plan as to which order they would be prioritised and/or distributed.

Website Design

Your website design should be closely linked with the prospectus design and these should work together to give prospective students and parents not only a sense of high quality education and informative resources, but equally of a warm, nurturing personality around your school.

Prospectus And Brochure Design

A glossy prospectus is no longer as crucial as it once was, as much of contemporary marketing is now initiated via the school’s website. However, this does not devalue the importance of adequate attention to the prospectus design; there is still huge appeal in having something solid to hold and flick through at somebody’s leisure. We are able to manage the whole project, to allow the website and prospectus to work together. In order to create a brand, there needs to be an agreed theme with carefully considered use of fonts, language and graphics. Don’t forget students will also gain a huge impression form it so the design should focus on their happiness and involvement, whilst including crucial elements like the school motto.


A picture speaks a thousand words so whilst your school’s website, brochure and prospectus should all convey a sense of belonging where students can develop and grow, it’s equally effective to portray it visually. Quality photography will greatly increase the effectiveness of your work than re-branding. By using formulated sets of photographs across the whole range of promotional materials, potential students and parents will find it easier to understand and relate to your school’s vision and mission. Tying all the strands of your branding together with quality photography will greatly improve the rate at which your school realizes its marketing goals.

How to go about it

For more tips and advice on planning your project or help putting yours into action message us here and we’ll be happy to help out.


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