Why a responsive website is a must for any business.

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It is a multi device world and time is always less. People are always connected while on the go. They are booking tickets, paying bills, browsing websites on their varied handheld devices.

No wonder, responsive web design is the mantra for a functional website today. Day by day, it is becoming increasingly tough to run a successful website without responsive web design. Having a responsive web design is the norm for any website development.

If you want to stand apart from the competitors in your field, want to boost up sales, wish to have great online presence, you got to make your site responsive.


A sneak preview of what is responsive web design

Responsive web design allows a website to open on different screens. In other words, a website with a responsive design can open on all kinds of devices by realigning and shuffling content and images.

The structure of the web page realigns itself to fit the new screen space. This ensures that users can access the site on any device.

If you haven’t thought of making your website a responsive one, you are probably not aware of how much percentages of your visitors are actually accessing your website on their tablets or smart phones. Or maybe you have no competitors in your field or having a website is not important for you.

To reach out to your audience, without obstacles, you need to get your act together and embrace responsive web design. Get it done from a reliable web design company, which will ensure that your responsive website is compatible on all browsers and mobile devices.

Let’s have a look at some of the reasons why responsive web design is a ‘must’ to survive in World Wide Web today:

User friendly & flexible 

A responsive web design ensures enhanced user experience. It is a flexible design that opens seamlessly on any screen size, fits into the required frame that enables users to read and navigate the site conveniently.

So rather than making your users read a desktop designed website on a mobile, you actually offer them a flexible solution that enhances the user’s experience.

Cost effective & easy to update

A responsive website is easy to maintain. If and when you need to update a page, edit content, correct some mistake, add or remove some page, or make any changes, you will have to do so only in one website. After all, a responsive web design is actually a single website that adapts to all kinds of devices.

You have only one version of the source code and one content management system for updating the content. That saves precious time and efforts.

If you create multiple versions of your website i.e. one for laptop, one for iphone, tablet and so, you will have to update all the versions of the site whenever there are any modifications. The advent of responsive web design has changed all that!

Great from SEO perspective

In a responsive website, that URL structure remains same on all the devices. Whether you have to build links, optimize content, bring in more visitors and ensure high page ranking, you have to do web marketing of only one site.
That in turn boosts your page ranking, online visibility and ensures successful search engine optimisation strategy.

Better conversions and business

A growing number of people today purchase products online from their mobiles and laptops. The invention of e-commerce sites have tempted people to buy online from the comforts of their home rather than go to stores.
If a user opens your site from his smart phone and faces trouble navigating it, he is unlikely to remain on the site.

Without a responsive website, you are likely to lose out on a good number of prospective customers and thereby business. Having a responsive site leads to increased sales.