Weekly Marketing Campaign Round-up: Remote Controlled Tourists, Neglected Marmite and Dirty Fingers?!

Marketing Reading Time: 2 minutes

This week, Damteq’s Web and Marketing Assistant, Matt, takes us through his 5 favourite marketing campaigns for this week, from remote controlled tourists to literal bed and breakfast. Enjoy!

1. Melbourne Remote Control Tourist [ view ]

touristThinking about travelling? This interactive marketing campaign for Melbourne tourism was something quite different! From 9th – 13th October for eight hours a day, the world was able to participate in a live online first person adventure, by telling two tourists what to do by posting to Twitter or Facebook. A very simple, yet effective concept that uses social media to bring people to Melbourne!

2. The Innocent Big Knit [ view ]

bigknit‘The Big Knit’ is an annual campaign put on by Innocent in order to raise money for Age UK. This years campaign involves designing your own little virtual hat (to go with the physical hats that come with the smaller bottles), with an extra 10p donated to the charity for every hat that’s shared on Facebook or Twitter. A perfect campaign for everyone?! You get to design a hat and have 10p donated to charity; Innocent gets their marketing through Facebook and Twitter; and Age UK gets 10p — awesome! Using hats as a way of marketing a usually summery drink during the winter months is both smart and cute.

3. Marmite: Don’t Forget It [ view ]

marmiteThis viral video has amassed over 520,000 views in just over a month and it’s easy to see why; spoofing animal cruelty documentaries, Marmite is looking to raise awareness of the neglected Marmite jars across Britain. The sting ‘Love It. Hate It. Just Don’t Forget It.’ finishes off the video perfectly. The best part about this ad is that even people who don’t like Marmite will be talking about it!

4. Sanzer Hand Gel

handgelA disturbing print advert for hand gel that’s effective in getting its message across, replacing the buttons on a payphone with some rather unpleasant grubby fingers. The dull grey colour palette works perfectly with the imagery that makes you feel dirty just by looking at it… time to go wash my hands.

5. Bed & Breakfast

bandbThis print ad speaks for itself. Brilliant.

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