5 Reasons we don’t support Internet Explorer (and you should stop using it)

General Website Design Reading Time: 3 minutes

Despite often being the default option for most users, Internet Explorer should actually be your last choice in browser. Why you ask? Let me explain…

1. Bugs & Security Issues

As one of the most susceptible browsers to hacking, IE comes with more than its fair share of bugs and exploits. In 2014, it was found that hackers were using the browser to search through users computers, utilising the data to attack machines undetected. As a result, users were told to stop browsing the web with IE by both the UK and US governments.

Though some of these issues were finally addressed in 2015, the potential for it happening again is still high. Noted by experts, Microsoft left this issue unresolved for an entire year before implementing a fix. However, this is due to Microsofts fixed schedule, meaning vulnerable users would be left with these issues until the next update.

2. Version Inconsistency

In terms of consistency for Internet Explorer, updates are sporadic, each version of the browser widely differing from the last with performance and website compatibility.

Despite claiming the browser had improved, when Internet Explorer 8 finally released, it was discovered that many websites were unable to render correctly leading Microsoft to introduce a ‘compatibility view’. This would allow users to surf the web as if they were using IE7.

3. Compatibility

Windows XP, despite its age, is still widely used by individuals and businesses due to its robust nature. When Internet Explorer 11 finally released, it left Windows XP users battling with outdated software and the security problems of IE8, whereas browsers such as Chrome and FireFox kept up their backwards compatibility.

4. It’s Slower Than Other Browsers

The simple fact is, Internet Explorer just isn’t as fast as other browsers. Though some could argue this is a subjective opinion, it is still an awful lot of users that share the same view.

In my personal experience, IE’s speed has always felt compromised compared to its competitors, even on a high-specification machine. It’s not uncommon to experience freezing and sluggish loads even at the best of times. However, this being said, there are tweaks that can be made to make the browser somewhat faster, but what is the point when you can just use another browser that has everything you need from the get go?

5. IE is a Developer’s Nightmare

Finally, it is worth mentioning how much of a pain it is for developers to work with this browser!

As a web developer, I am confident that what I see in one browser will reflect in another, as Chrome, Firefox and Safari generally show the same output. However, IE constantly surprises me and not in a good way, consistently behaving in ways I least expect it to such as rendering the website differently. As you can imagine, this causes a lot of issues which means I have to factor in additional testing which then extends the deadline for a particular project.

Furthermore, advancements in web technologies such as HTML5 and CSS3 have made backwards compatibility a nightmare to deal with. In the past, even Google and Facebook dropped support for earlier versions of IE.

Microsoft stopped developing Internet Explorer from the 12th of January 2016. For developers such as myself, that poses a massive challenge in terms of building for older platforms. With the introduction of ‘Edge’, Microsoft’s new default browser, IE11 became the official last release…


So there you have it, 5 major reasons why you should stop using Internet Explorer and why we no longer support this outdated system for web development. If you have any further questions about why Internet Explorer is no longer an industry standard browser then please get in touch!