Not just a pretty face.

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Article Written by – Rebecca Allen

In the modern age of web design, websites have to have the brain and the brawn. A good-looking website will only get your business so far as users demand a certain level of intelligence from the pages they visit. They need easy on the eye AND useful functionality. Think of it like dating – first your website has to attract visitors and then has to hold a good enough conversation to keep them there. Read on for 3 recent examples of websites proving their IQ.

Awkward silence

If you’re not sure what to enter into the search box on, leave it blank, click search and it will suggest a random cocktail for you. Not sure how to respond to being offered a ‘Pucker Up’ but its worth a try and needless to say, the date is progressing well.

Finishing each other’s sentences

Most Internet users are familiar with Google Suggest but the combined auto-complete and suggested search features on Apple’s website goes one step further in anticipating customer needs. Useful for the customer to find information quickly and great for Apple to promote multiple products/services simultaneously in a simple summary list format.

Meeting your match

If no results are found from a search on Meetup, it automatically expands the search criteria. It may not give you exactly what you wanted but it will provide you with the next best thing. Simple but clever stuff.


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