Our Favourite Monochrome & Dark Website Designs

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What is a monochrome website?

Typically, a monochrome website refers to a predominantly black and white style, but it can cover colour schemes that utilise two tones of a single colour, like green and red. Whilst black and white websites could be referred to as greyscale, that limits us in using any accent colours which complement a monochrome website. So for the sake of clarification, we’ll be using the less than literal definition of monochrome – black and white, with a touch of colour.

Why use a monochrome design?

Monochrome websites are bold, brave and statement-making. They don’t work for every industry though. As your website reflects your businesses and services, being seen as ‘black and white’ may send out the wrong message, and typically doesn’t fit every demographic. Therefore, they’re usually reserved for creative industries looking to make an impact and deliver an experience.

Our Favourite Examples

Top Paddock Cafe Monochrome Website Design - Digital Marketing Agency

https://toppaddockcafe.com/ – Whilst this website doesn’t feel monochrome in the traditional sense, nor does it abide by our ‘monochrome with one colour’ rule, the website itself sticks to black, white and grey – it’s the photos that offer full colour. This achieves more emphasis on the photos, whilst incorporating the clean and spacious benefits from traditional monochrome websites, with clearly identifiable text and call to actions.

SNP Monochrome Website Design - Digital Marketing Agency

https://snp.agency – Like the previous website, the only non-monochrome element here are the photos. Even those are either subtle with their colours, or bold and basic. With a huge amount of negative space, this website takes us back to basics in a brave and elegant way, telling you everything you need to know and nothing more. They’ve also taken the questionable decision to emphasise black text on dark grey – one to make the UX testers scream in pain…

Clearmotion Website Design - Digital Marketing Agency

https://www.clearmotion.com/ – Grey and black is the new black…. Utilising tonnes of negative space and minimalistic spirit throughout, the simplicity of this website is incredibly effective. Subtle graphics and animations allow the website to be flooded with grey without drowning in a boring design.

Huru Monochrome Website Design - Digital Marketing Agency

https://huru.rocks/ – This website feels more like a presentation than a buying experience. Grey and black work together with bold fonts to deliver your attention right to where the website wants – the product itself. However, whilst the home page offers an interesting browser experience, they’ve struggled to keep the momentum in the product page and opted for a safer and tested layout.

Tailored DJs Dark Website - Digital Marketing Agency

https://www.tailored-djs.com/ – Black and white, with a vibrant logo, this website encapsulates what the business does perfectly and beautifully… Okay, there’s a bit of bias here with this site being one of our own, but it’s easily one of my favourite websites. The entire site reflects the industry and delivers an easy user journey utilising synergy with the company logo and the website itself. With dark colours and vibrant accents, you’re already exploring the atmosphere of the event you’re trying to create.

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