Meet Orbot, Our Intelligent Assistant.

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What is Orbot?

Orbot is our AI-powered Conversational Marketing Bot. We’ve created Orbot to help and assist our website visitors.

Over the past 3 years, we’ve trialled bots and live chat systems across hundreds of websites and we’ve noticed that they massively improve engagement and visitor happiness.

What can Orbot do?

At the moment Orbot has basic functionality and can help website visitors get in touch with the right specialist. It can also gather important information to create a basic brief for your website and marketing campaigns.

You can also:

  • Speak directly to a human at any point
  • Get links to case studies
  • Directly talk about your website and marketing campaigns
  • Ask to see pictures of cats! (No joke)

As Orbot learns new skills, he will be able to answer knowledge base questions and offer more advanced advice and support along the way.

As a smart and intelligent bot, we hope he’s going to make it even simpler to get the right information, more efficiently.

We have no intention of losing human interaction, so at any point, you can write ‘talk to a specialist’ and a member of the team can jump into the conversation.

Who supplies the technology for Orbot?

For a long time now we’ve been partners of Drift, based in Boston over in the USA. We were one of the original 4 partners based in the UK and support hundreds of UK businesses get results with Live Chat.

Why is the assistant called Orbot?

Our mini-robot was given the name Orbot as back in 2014 during our last rebrand we called the Damteq Logo (The bit with the dots in) the Damteq Orb. We felt it was a fitting tribute to our growing brand!

Want to have a play with Orbot?

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Click the little icon on the right and say hello!