Why Is No One Using The Forms On My Website?

UX General Reading Time: 2 minutes

If you run (or have ever been on) a website you have probably come across a data capture form. Whether it is for booking, requesting a callback or ordering a brochure, most websites will include a form somewhere.

They are a great tool for customers to leave their information so we can get back to them… right?

But, what happens if customers are ignoring my form?

Firstly, can you blame them? Someone has visited your website and wants to ask a question, but after scrolling up and down and clicking everywhere trying to find a contact number or live chat service, all they can find is a lengthy form asking for all their contact details. Great.

This is seriously off-putting, for various reasons. Firstly, there is the initial dread they will get repeatedly called by someone wanting to “follow-up” with them when really they only wanted to ask the opening times. Secondly, if it’s not an earth-shattering question, they may just want to know if there is adequate parking at your location and now they have to wait 3+ days for a someone to get back to them – at which point they will have more than likely forgotten who you are and why they filled out the form in the first place. Yeah. Forget about it.

Should I remove forms altogether?

Not necessarily, sometimes its unavoidable and it is by no means a bad thing. For example, to order something or to book onto a course or event it’s perfectly acceptable to have to enter your details and for the process to take a little longer. So in that sense forms are absolutely fine!

So, what are you saying?

I am saying your communication needs move as quickly as your customers. No one wants to wait 3 days for ANYTHING. Not 3 hours. We barely want to wait 3 minutes, if we are being honest with ourselves. Now that we live in an age of instant messaging services, live chat, chatbots and all of these other wonderful tools, there really is no excuse to not use them.

If someone lands on your website and has a question, how much more effective do you think it would be if they could instantly chat to a representative or get a response from a chatbot without having to fill out tons of information in a form first? Quite a bit is the answer.

How many more visitors to your website could become quality sales leads if it was easier to talk with you?

How much happier would you be if more leads than ever were coming through and they were happy with their service from the get-go? Much happier, don’t you think?

Alright… Tell me a bit more

It can be hard to move away from the way you have always done things, but look around! Everything is changing, all the time in the digital age. There is absolutely nothing wrong with forms and sometimes they are necessary.

To give your users the best possible experience and to give your business a fighting chance at converting those visitors into actual website leads, it is vital to keep up with them.

Fear not, we are on hand to help you move your business into the modern age, with tips and articles on Conversational Marketing, Live Chat, Social Media for business and so much more. If you’re ready to start the journey come and see us for an hour and let us show you what you can achieve.