What is the new Facebook cover video all about?

Business General Social Media Reading Time: < 1 minute

If you run a business and have a Facebook page for it, you’ll notice when you next login that you will have a notification at the top of the page suggesting that you can swap your standard cover photo to a new uploaded video.

Facebook themselves have been testing it recently with some large corporations like Netflix and have since started rolling it out on all Facebook business pages.

A spokesman told Social Daily Pro back in April 2017:

We’re always looking for ways to help businesses create more engaging experiences and drive more rich experiences for their audiences. To do this, we’re testing the ability for pages to upload a cover video as the page cover.

Developing more engaging content is a must for any business. By swapping your standard cover photo for a video should help you engage with target visitors and keep them on your page for longer.

Facebook suggest that your video should be 20-90 seconds long. We have a few ideas and recommendations that you could include in your video:

  • Video of your staff creatively working
  • Showcase some of your core products and services
  • Give an overview into why and how you’re different
  • Showcase a range of your previous work/projects
  • Give your potential customers a reason to love you. Show them all your testimonials

At Damteq, we work with local videographers and photography companies. If you would like a Facebook video, or would like some advice, then please get in touch.