Do Men and Women use Social Media Differently?

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Differences Between Men & Women

With the lifelong battle in understanding the opposite sex raging ever furiously, it is hardly surprising to find significant differences between the social media habits of Mars and Venus. Yet understanding these will not only be enlightening for us as people, but also as marketeers as we can work out who and how we’re targeting people via the infinite web of social media.

Take a look at the following infographic for a fantastic summary.

So what do we have? Men seem more about the business side of things here, making up the majority gender over on LinkedIn and Google+. Interestingly neither of these outlets are used primarily as a social base; 75% people on LinkedIn use it to research other companies and 75% on Google+ don’t utilise its social media aspects at all.

But then we have our trusty Facebook & Twitter platforms for all of that and this is where the females are hiding. They make up 58% and 62% of the latter as they surf, reconnecting and communicating through a wider outreach. They generally have 8% more friends that men and participate in 62% of the sharing…  our favourite word.

Meanwhile YouTube hits are totted up by the boys with 25% men watch a video on a daily basis, usually spending around an hour a week there; yet only 17% women turn up every day and only spend 35 minutes viewing per week. However, that’s only because they’re all over on Pinterest, browsing avidly for image based content to share and discuss – over 70% of the Pinterest user bases female which makes a great deal of sense when you look at the recipe and DIY click through rates however it’s also a gold mine in helping referral traffic to blog posts (oh hi there.. how did you find us today?)

Battle of the Sexes: Social Media

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