Maximising ROI on Paid Social

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As demand for ad space on social media increases, businesses and advertisers must optimise their paid social campaigns in order to maximise ROI.

Ad impressions on social media are hitting a wall as user growth slows, driving up CPC and CPM costs.

Paid social campaigns fall short in generating their maximum return in a few areas. Poor optimisation, limited distribution, incomplete tracking and undefined goals.

Here’s what to do to take full advantage of your paid social campaigns.

Create a Social Ad Funnel

Plan and create a strategic funnel for your social campaign and advertise for it.

Set a clear goal for each advertisement and fit these into your larger social strategy, and funnel with the aim of moving prospects from the top to the bottom as efficiently as possible.

Build Up Touchpoints

Be aware that multiple interactions with your brand, paid ads and content are needed to filter people through the funnel.

You should be engaging with your audience multiple times and the advertisements should be tailored to the stage in the funnel each person is at.

Campaign Tracking

Make sure your tracking is properly implemented in line with the ad campaign’s needs. This will help you create more relevant custom and lookalike audiences, track conversions accurately, optimise for better return and reach people at key stages within your funnel.

Re-engage To Convert

Creating and segmenting audiences for targeting is a must for social ad campaigns. Harnessing this information about the people engaging with your paid ads, website, content or apps can be critical in serving the correct ads to the correct people at the correct time.

Utilise Campaign Data

Giving the social ad networks this data allows them to assist you in locating new prospects, based on previous audience interests and behaviours that rendered positive results. Providing the ability to reach others that are similar.

Maximising Distribution and Reach

A further level of optimisation can be accomplished through maximising the campaigns ability to deliver ads.

Avoid Fatigue

Refresh your creatives. Using the same creatives on the same audiences over time will cause fatigue. This leads to ads being ignored or worse, negative comments. You’ll also start to see increases in CPC and CPM as you lose in more social ad auctions. Regularly refreshing images or copy will avoid this. These assets do still need to maintain a high level of quality.

Optimise For Mobile

Unless you are specifically targeting desktop device users, the majority of ad inventory will be on mobile devices. This means it’s vital to make sure your creatives are mobile friendly.

Trust The Algorithms

Lastly, trust the ad networks algorithms. When kicking things off try not to control and restrict your campaigns ability to find the right audience.

The more freedom its allowed from the advertiser the better it will be able to reach the right people and encourage ROI. 

Ready To Create a Winning Campaign?

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