Marketing Round-Up (6th December)

Marketing Top 5 Reading Time: 1 minute

In this week’s marketing round-up, we talk optical illusions, Usain Bolt and selfies by the royal family!

1. Cape Times Newspaper

Under the tagline, “you can’t get any closer to the news”, Cape Times’ have created a series of brilliant print adverts that take historic moments and turn them into selfies, making it the closest you’d get to the action. Other photos include Winston Churchill and JFK to name a few!

2. Honda ‘Hands’

To mark the company’s 65th anniversary, Wieden+Kennedy London was commisioned to create an advert, showing off 22 of the most successful innovations created by Honda over the last 65 years. This brilliant viral video has amassed nearly 10 million views and it’s easy to see why with it’s excellent CGI and well-executed concept.

3. Gatorade

These eye-catching posters by Brazilian artist Adhemas Batista for sports drink Gatorade are brilliantly colourful, get the message across and feature sporting legends such as Usiain Bolt and Cam Newton.

4. Honda Illusions

Honda’s been on a roll, making it onto the list twice in one week! This ground breaking advert for Honda’s new CR-V 1.6 diesel demonstrates that not everything is what it first seems, by using illusions that make you question the entire advert, this thought provoking advert will mess with your mind! You’ll need to watch it at least twice to fully appreciate it!

5. UN Women

This print ad for UN Women by Christopher Hunt takes actual Google search autocomplete suggestions to raise awareness of sexism that is still present in modern society. The photography and search bar placement serve as quite a shock to the reader, meaning that this ad has obviously fulfilled its aims and purpose effectively.

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