Best Marketing Campaigns Round-up (11th November)

Marketing Top 5 Reading Time: 1 minute

This week, I’ve found some awesome marketing campaigns (including some Halloween ones, which might be a little late, but they’re still brilliantly creative!)

1. Carrie

These days, it seems like  the standard viral marketing video concept is to use public pranks with their own product being linked in somehow. This one by Sony Pictures Russia for horror film, ‘Carrie’, hopes to fool clubgoers by giving off the illusion that they have blood on their hands when using soap, when they pick up a paper towel to dry their hands of the fake blood, they’re greeted by an advertisement for the horror film coming to cinemas on November 14th – very smart!

2. “Europe. It’s Just Next Door”

A touching marketing campaign by French travel company SNCF, connecting strangers from different European countries together through a live video feed in the form of a door, taking the public on a trip to another country.

3. Volkswagen 4MOTION Free Parking

Free parking was provided to the only car that ‘was up for the challenge’, an advert for the Volkswagen Touareg’s four-wheel drive systen. The advert finishes with the car driving up a steep hill and sitting triumphantly above the rest of the car park.

4. Chupa Chups Monster Kids

A cute and funny online Halloween advert, aimed at parents to ‘protect yourself this Halloween with Chupa Chups’ with footage from different users on YouTube, the video ends with a screaming baby being silenced as soon as he’s given a Chupa Chup lolly.

5. Pepsi Halloween

A brilliant and humorous seasonal campaign created by Pepsi taking a subtle jab at Coca-Cola!

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