Marketing campaign weekly round-up: Tadpoles, Kittens, Teleportation and a real life Inspector Gadget watch.

Marketing Top 5 Reading Time: 2 minutes

Here’s your latest dose of the top inspiring marketing campaigns making waves this week…

Freeview tadpoles – ‘even better when its free’ freeview-tadpoles
Freeview’s latest TV campaign really caught our eye over the weekend with its catchy soundtrack and humorous plotline. Launched during ITV’s X Factor, the 60-second ad features two tadpoles and their ‘crews’ dancing, set to The Kinks song ‘You Really Got Me’. The camera then pans out to reveal a young boy wearing goggles looking into the pond watching the tadpoles perform their magic.

What this means: Let’s face it, dancing animals always grab attention and when its met with such a humorous ending that brings you back to reality combined with a simple and effective tagline, it’s guaranteed to stick in people’s mind!
Watch the campaign here and read more here.

Be a hero – save a kitten
Camera manufacturer GoPro has had great success in viral campaigns of late with the latest ‘Be a hero’ video reaching the top spot as most shared. It features a fireman finding a kitten in a house fire and bringing it back to life with an oxygen mask and water, all filmed via a GoPro camera on the fireman’s helmet.

What this means: Again, animals are a sure fire way of engaging viewers and tugging at people’s heartstrings. A seemingly lifeless kitten is going to ensure people watch it to the end to find out what happens, and a heart warming ending then encourages people to share the video with friends.
Watch the campaign and read more here.

YouTube’s Most Watched Ads in September.
FIFA 2014, Tesco’s Blinkbox, Nike, another Tesco Blinkbox and Tesco Mobile have all been named the most watched ads on YouTube in September.

What this means: All of these ads have something in common, they encourage interaction. But not necessarily interaction that directly relates to buying into the product advertised. The interaction is placed at the emotion and motto behind the brand/campaign concept which then naturally leads the consumer to the product.
Watch the ads here.

Burger King, or is it Fries King?

Amid the launch of new healthier French fries, Burger King have launched a new campaign claiming their name is changing to ‘Fries King’ supported with YouTube videos of confused customers and various social media activity.

What this means: Whether it’s true or not, the announcement has certainly got people talking and encourages people to visit the brand’s Twitter account for news and to see other people’s reactions.
Read more here.

Samsung cater to science fiction writer’s dream

Whether the product will be a success or not, the ad celebrating the launch of Samsung’s Galaxy Gear Smartwatch builds upon decades of dreaming about technology like this, generating hype for a product that is “After all these years…finally real”.

What this means: By depicting unattainable gadgets from TV shows including Inspector Gadget, Power Rangers and Star Trek, nostalgic connotations will directly influence further inspection of the product.
See the campaign here.

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