Marketing Campaign Weekly Round-up

Marketing Top 5 Reading Time: 2 minutes

Here’s your latest dose of the top inspiring marketing campaigns making waves this week…

Mercedes-Benz Chicken


The Mercedes-Benz ad, “magic body control” has been shared 92,860 times this week! Created by Jung von Matt/Neckar, the video shows white-gloved hands moving the chicken around. Despite its body going in different directions, the chicken’s head does not move.

What this means: This is an ingenious use of humour to demonstrate Mercedes-Benz’s Intelligent Drive MAGIC BODY CONTROL which has even seen such comments including “Day 3. Still watching” and “This is the best advertisement I’ve seen in all my 21 years of life on this planet.”

Watch the campaign here and read more here.


Heineken’s 140th time immersive celebrations


To celebrate the 140th Birthday of Heineken in Taipei, the brand invited people to travel back in time to explore the secret ingredients of the world’s favourite beer using the ‘Time Travel Booth’ with leap motion technology.

What this means: By creating an immersive experience, customers can then develop an emotional and more personal relationship with the brand thus encouraging brand loyalty and return custom.

Watch the campaign and read more here.


British Gas’s Hive App


British Gas is to launch a brand called Hive around a family of products and services offering homeowners the chance to control the energy efficiency of their homes via their smartphones.

What this means: Placing the efficiency of homes within people’s hands in the form of an app further encourages people to take an active role in monitoring their own energy consumption. This is a shift in for British Gas, targeting a more value-focused brand strategy which will lead to a more trusting relationship with their customers.

Read more here.


Respect in football


Aiming to tackle anger and unfair abuse within football, a new video highlights the issue with a massive robot who confronts frustrated parents watching their kids play football with dancing and maracas to lift their mood. The robot also gives an aggressive adult player a teddy bear to calm him down.

What this means: This ad makes light of an all too common scenario within the game and reiterates the fact that there shouldn’t need to be a giant robot to tackle the issue and asks viewers to “play their your part”.

View the video here.


Co-operative Electrical #fighttheprice


The Co-operative Electrical has launched a Twitter campaign encouraging users to ‘Fight The Price’ to gain discounts on products. The campaign was created by Holler and customers can visit the Fight The Price website to browse products before tweeting using the hashtag #fighttheprice.

What this means: By offering discounts through the number of tweets they get, the Co-operative are hitting two birds with one stone as it were! Driving twitter activity, leads on the website and potential custom once the discount has been revealed.

Read more here.

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