Marketing Campaign Weekly Round-up

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The second of the series, here Damteq present the top inspiring digital campaigns making waves this week.

Kevin Bacon beats Jamie Oliver in a YouTube cooking battle for EE (see above) – a follow up to the recent EE TV ads but will be solely launched on Jamie Oliver’s FoodTube YouTube channel today. In keeping with Jamie’s FoodTube videos, the competition sees Jamie Oliver winning until he then starts to ‘Buffer’ letting Kevin Bacon cook up the most elaborate sandwich and winning the competition.

What this means: This is a great example of effective collaboration, successfully promoting each partner in the process of reiterating EE’s main selling point while retaining a humorous edge that works in favour of both sides.

View the campaign here.


Ice cream super brand Ben & Jerry’s are calling on Twitter followers to suggest and name a new ‘core’ ice cream flavour #MyBenAndJerrys, and the reward? The winning tweeter will then be sent a whole box of the ice-cream in a one-off production run!

What this means: By offering such a hard to resist reward for simply suggesting an ice cream name on Twitter, Ben & Jerry’s are not only gaining perspective of what new flavours customers want, but are reigniting brand awareness across the platform, thus gaining more followers and sales. This also gains momentum for other product launches in the near vicinity.

Read more here.

Tesco are launching what is set to be the UK’s largest magazine in terms of copies and readership numbers. Supporting the supermarket’s current campaign ‘love every mouthful’ the magazine focuses on ‘food, family and living’ which is available both in print and digitally.

What this means: Tesco’s readership figures that support this new venture is quite impressive, proving the demand for such a magazine. As the trend for quality food and eating well continues to be at the fore of consumer mindsets, such a magazine will continue to do well and encourage this lifestyle further. As long as titles support all media platforms, printed magazines will continue to survive.

Read more here.


The budget airline Ryan Air have finally launched a Twitter account after ignoring all social media platforms, including Ryan Air complaint groups since the company began.

What this means: Let the wrath of complaints begin, but Ryan Air are already taking on a no-fear approach to criticism by taking a pop at consumer magazine Which? As you can see above! A risky move for the airline, but completely in line with their company ethos so far so good luck to them!

Read more here.


Cadbury’s Crème Eggs are now investing much more time into its Facebook activity and are treating each post as a mini TV ad due to figures showing that 18 per cent of sales were attributed to Facebook earlier this year.

What this means: Cadbury’s have recognised the potential of the combination of both TV and Facebook and have embraced the interaction side of the media to organically generate hype and sales. Placing a banner ad on Facebook just doesn’t cut it with savvy young crème egg eating consumers.

Read more here.

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