What is Apple doing that you’re not? How to market like a genius.

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Simple mission statement. Minimalist visual. Epic product. Done. 


The days of rambling, fussy, intricate web design are over. The key, of course (as if we need to tell you) = time. Thought multi-tasking genius was sounding a bit generic on your CV nowadays? Think again. If you blink twice it’s gone. And if you can’t keep up, so are your customers,  followers, likers, potential investors, clients – whatever the market, it’s on the move.

How to keep up? Go back to basics. 


“Think about it. Why does your company exist? What is your purpose? The answers to these questions drill down to every aspect of what you do, every decision made by every employee in every department. Why do you make this product and not that product? Why do you make it this way and not that way? Why do you have this feature and not that feature? Why do you sell to this kind of customer but not that kind of customer?” – Apple.


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