Have You Seen The New iPad Multitasking Feature?!

Marketing Reading Time: < 1 minute

Don’t worry, we’re not surprised if you haven’t, not many of us have either.

Those that are in the know are running Cydia on jailbroken iPads, and it’s not some sloppy fix either, it’s a genuinely good-looking hack!


As you can see from the GIF above, it fits in with the look of iOS7 nicely, windows can be dragged around and snapped to the sides and best of all, it’s reported to run smoothly without crashing!

This made us wonder, with Samsung offering multitasking and being Apple’s main competition at the moment, why does the iPad not offer this feature? Who knows, maybe in time we won’t have to void our warranty to multitask on an Apple device!

Let us know what you think of this hack in the comments below!