How to Use Social Media to Boost Sales for Christmas

General Social Media Reading Time: 3 minutes

The power of social media for brands and businesses cannot be denied and there has never been a better time to get social with your business. So whether you’re big on social already or haven’t even started, here are 5 top tips on how to use social media to boost sales for Christmas.

1. Develop a Content Strategy for Each Social Platform

Its important to know that posting the same content across all social platforms may be quick but it’s certainly not effective. Take the time to develop a strategy for each social platform as each has their own purpose, use and customer group. Here’s a brief breakdown of what to consider for the four main platforms.

  • Instagram: Build brand awareness and connect with customers through brand story telling.
  • Twitter: Drive conversation and engagement with customers and other sources in the industry, even witty exchanges with the competition can do wonders, see here.
  • Facebook: Showcase products/services, offers, competitions.
  • Pinterest: Use rich product pins to showcase your products at the browsing stage.

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2. Visual Posts

People will take more notice of, and interact with your post when you use visuals to support the message, especially on Facebook. Use a relevant image, infographic or video to encourage your fans to like, share, retweet, pin and tag people in a post which will spread the word of the brand which will in turn, increase sales.

Visually engaging and well written posts are essential for a successful social campaign. Talk to Damteq today about our Social Media Management service.

3. Targeted Social Ads

Once you’ve established which social platforms drive the most relevant visitors to your website, use social advertising to capitalise on this. Use Google analytics to analyse the customer demographics that are converting on your website and use this to target your ads to more customers like these. On Facebook for example, you can define your audience by filters such as location, age, interest, job title, industry and much more. This is a highly effective strategy which doesn’t cost the earth either.

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4. Pop up & Flash Sales

Time defined promotions and sales are an excellent way to drive sales as they create a heightened sense of urgency to make a purchase before the offer ends. The secret to creating a successful pop up/flash event is by alerting your social fans of the upcoming event, but not saying when it will take place. This will encourage fans to keep checking back to your social feeds in anticipation of when it will happen. Just be prepared for a serious influx of traffic to your website before it runs!

Planning and preparation is essential when running timed promotional events, talk to our Marketing specialists today about how we can help your company drive sales. Contact us here.

5. Social Exposure

It’s no use having an amazing social presence if no one knows it’s there. Make sure your website has clear social buttons with links that work, (you’ll be amazed at the amount of websites we see that have social buttons that don’t link anywhere). Other places to promote your social presences are; on your company blog, on email newsletters and within your company email signatures. Promoting your company page and profiles is another way to gain more likes and followers, which can be targeted to your defined audience as touched upon in ‘Targeted Social Ads’.

As well as being social media specialists, our team also includes website and design experts who can design branded social buttons and put them where they need to be seen. Let us know what you need or alternatively, get in touch so we can make tailored recommendations!

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