How to promote your business using LinkedIn Stories

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Following the trend of Stories on other platforms such as Snapchat, Instagram and Facebook, LinkedIn has added a way to share 24-hour posts on the platform.

But on such a professional B2B platform aren’t they a little out of place? Well, the introduction of the Stories feature does make sense, offering another method to present content, generate leads with social media and network on the platform.

Stories are quickly becoming the new norm as we move into a trend of sharing within the moment, compared to planned feed posts. We can’t ignore how stories dominate other platforms, with many audiences now preferring to view stories over feed posts.

LinkedIn is following suit displaying stories at the top of every person’s newsfeed and that’s valuable content real estate! As we continue to spend more time at home, we’re craving more human connections. But the issue is how can you make the new feature work for your business?

Pete Davis, LinkedIn’s Senior Director of Product Management sort to present Stories as a lightweight and fun way to share updates, make connections and laugh with colleagues.

Here are our top 3 ways you can incorporate LinkedIn Stories into your Marketing Strategy

Reactive Content

Due to the short lifespan of the Story, it makes it a perfect place to quickly share off-the-cut content. This could be from live events, sneak peeks or even reacting to breaking news or new trends.

By being one of the first to react to new content and provide industry opinions you can provide thought leadership to your connections. If you continue to be that trustworthy news source, sharing professional tips, audiences will continue viewing and learning from you!

Learn more about your audience

Use the incorporated features such as polls, sliding scales and text fields to gain a deeper understanding of what your followers seek. Then use this information to create valuable content tailored to them!

In addition, with the Story insights, you can view the total number of unique viewers, a list of who viewed your Story as well as the option to engage with viewers by tapping on the icon next to their name. Helping you to reach out, connect and network even further!

Humanise your approach

Use Stories to provide genuine connections with your viewers. Let this be an opportunity to showcase more personality and let your audience relate to you with a humanised approach. Stories are a great way to tell a story and connect to your audience on a more personal level.

So, consider some more casual boundaries when communicating on Stories. They are meant to feel spontaneous so don’t spend too much time trying to structure them. Once you start, it will begin to feel more of a natural process. Just remember not to be too overly casual by getting caught up in the moment!

Important quick takeaways:

  • You can only view and post Stories from the LinkedIn mobile app
  • Take part in the ‘Question of the day’ feature to encourage engagement
  • Viewers can send a story via direct message, helping to expand casual and quick conversations and make networking easier on the platform
  • Recommended dimensions for LinkedIn stories: 1080wx1920h aspect ratio 9:16
  • Don’t forget to view and learn from your Story insights!

Grow by prioritising content

Content tells the story of your brand, representing your authority, showcasing your personality and demonstrating your industry expertise. Consider how your content works together to complement one another.

LinkedIn Stories offers a great chance to get ahead of the competition, connect on a deeper level and get your content in front of your connections. So why wait for someone to show you how it is done? Get ahead of the competition and lead the way, learn from your mistakes and watch people try to replicate your success!

So why wait? Create your first LinkedIn Story and tag us!

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