How to Optimise Your SEO Strategy

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An optimised SEO strategy is crucial. It’s the difference between a successful website that generates leads, and a website that simply takes up space on the internet.

A good SEO strategy will increase SERP rankings, traffic and leads, as well boosting your domain authority. All of which you need to truly position yourself as a trustworthy leader in your industry.

We’ve put together some of or top tips on optimising your SEO strategy for stronger organic results:


Your keyword list should be carefully curated and formed with a lot of research and thought behind it.

Identify and target keywords that a relevant to both your business, and your audience search terms. Initially, you want to go for longtail keywords, and ones that have a high search volume and low competition. 

As an SEO marketing agency, we have access to professional keyword research tools. Which gives us a deeper understanding on the perfect keywords for brands, as well as the synonyms and similar search terms that can help increase the rankings on your original list.

Pro tip: Ensure your SEO and PPC keywords work with each other, not against. Like a well-oiled machine your organic and paid marketing strategy should complement each other. Doing this will help to strengthen and boost your Ad results and as well as your organic reach.


You know what they say, content is king. It’s a cliché but it’s true. SEO and Content strategies go hand in hand; you should be consistently implementing your targeted keywords throughout your website.

Reaching that golden #1 spot on Google is the goal for all businesses. Getting to this point takes time and dedication; you’re playing chess against both the algorithm and your competitors.

However, with a clearly defined content strategy you’ll hit those targets. Regularly producing new content and maintaining existing content across your website is a great way to boost your SERP rankings, which in turn increases traffic and solidifies your position as a serious contender.


Are you optimising your technical SEO? This area is where businesses usually bring in an SEO marketing agency.

Technical SEO is the process of ensuring your website meets all of the technical requirements set out by search engines. It includes Meta Data, Image Alt Tags, Site Speed Optimisation, site crawls, indexing, redirections, error corrections, making code changes and reviewing the overall architecture of your site.

User experience is essential for SEO – the better your website performs, the easier it for consumers to navigate, and the faster it loads will benefit your SEO results drastically.

Pro tip: Make sure all of your internal and external links work and direct your consumers to the right page. Search engine algorithms check everything when crawling your website, so don’t allow yourself to get penalised for a simple and quick fix!


Did you know there are many strategies off your website that you can implement to boost your overall SEO score? Off-page SEO allows useful external sources to make a positive impact on your SERP rankings.

Many people associate link building with off-page SEO, but it involves a lot more than that. Off-page SEO also includes your social media presence, link building, networking, email, articles, videos and content.

Your overall digital marketing strategy should work collaboratively to ensure every aspect of your campaigns run seamlessly with each other to promote your business. This means your social media marketing, PPC strategy, on-page SEO, and off-page SEO should all be cohesive in boosting your authority across the digital landscape.

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